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iab Permissions

iab has a tiered permission system that allows for server owners to more finely control their users' powers. This permissions system is referred to as 'iab!permissions 2.0' and it was implemented on January 10, 2021. Previously, commands were cordoned off by whether or not the user had the Administrator Discord permission, although many subcommands still require this permission.

There are two types of permissions: flags and commands.

Command permissions allow users to execute the command specified by the permission. For example, users with the help permission can run iab!help.

Flag permissions allow users to perform certain actions. The most notable flag permission is operator, which allows the user to perform any operation in iab except a very small few.

Permission Tiers

Each guild has 11 permission tiers, each with four different variables:

  • A list of users who qualify for the tier
  • A list of roles that qualify for the tier
  • A list of commands granted to the tier
  • A list of flags granted to the tier

Tier Inheritance

A user has the permissions and commands granted to their highest tier plus every tier below that. For example, a user with Tier 3 also has the permissions for Tiers 2, 1, and 0.

Default Tier List

When a guild adds iab to their server, a tier list will be generated. Any role containing the Administrator permission will automatically be added to Tier 6, and the @everyone role will be assigned Tier 1.

Permission Overrides for Operators and Owners

Server owners (specifically the user who created the server) always has every permission, no matter what. Users with the operator flag also have every permission, as Operators are treated as the server owner. Do NOT give operator to people you do not entirely trust (real life friends, etc.) as Operators bypass Multi-Admin-Approval (like server owners). Most servers should be fine without having even a single Operator.

Flag Default Values

If a flag or command is not found in the tier list, its default value is used. For flags, these values are as follows:

  • Moderator: 5
  • Administrator: 6
  • Operator: 10

Command Default Values

For commands, the value is its default permission tier. Those tiers are selected with these rules:

  1. If the command can modify users in batch, change iab's behavior drastically, or modify permissions tiers, its default tier is 10.
  2. If the command can modify users in batch with Multi-Admin-Approval, or can change iab's behavior mildly or modify single users, its default tier is 6.
  3. If the command can modify users or change iab's behavior weakly, its default tier is 5.
  4. If the command sends long messages or those with user-generated media, its default tier is 1.
  5. Otherwise, its default tier is 0.

The first rule in the list to be matched is the rule used for selecting its tier. For a complete list of default command tiers, please see the command list.

Permissions in Multiple Tiers

If a permission is defined in multiple tiers, the lower tier is used (as every tier inherits from lower tiers, a higher definition is redundant).

Editing Permission Tiers

Main Article: permissions

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