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iab Commands

This page lists all commands for iab.

Types of iab commands

  1. Simple commands
    • Simple commands are commands that have no computational steps to their output. Many of these commands simply post links or a string. Simple commands never contain variants.
  2. Regular Commands
    • Regular commands are every type of command that a user in a guild can use. They come in three types:
    1. User Commands
      • User commands are regular commands with a default Permission Tier of less than 5. Generally, these are commands that do not make changes to iab or users. Most commands fall into this type. All Simple (and by extension Runtime Extension) commands are User commands.
    2. Administrator Commands
      • Administrator commands are commands with a default Permission Tier of 5 - 9. These commands often make changes to iab or users in guilds.
    3. Operator Commands
      • Operator Commands are commands with a default Permission Tier of 10. These commands are the most dangerous, as they allow their user to perform batch moderation, modify iab's permission system, or perform actions in place of the server owner.
  3. Developer Commands
    • Developer commands are exactly what you think they are.

Table of iab commands

Trigger Aliases Permission Tier Command Type
help help, ? 0 Regular
8ball 8ball, 8b 0 Regular
9ball 9ball, 9b 0 Regular
addemote addemote 5 Regular
asemote asemote, ae 1 Regular
antiraid antiraid, ar 6 Administrator
avatar avatar, av 1 Regular
bittext bittext, bitext, bittxt, bitxt, bt 1 Regular
bruh bruh 1 Regular
bugreport bugreport 0 Simple
choose choose 0 Regular
christmaseve christmaseve, ceve, christmas, eve 1 Regular
cii cii 0 Simple
clear clear 5 Administrator
codeformatting codeformatting, cf 1 Regular
complain complain 0 Regular
count count 0 Regular
delete delete, del 5 Administrator
die die 0 Regular
eglopt eglopt 0 Regular
enemies enemies 1 Regular
eval eval 0 Regular
filter filter 1 Regular
free free, unjail 6 Administrator
generatecolor generatecolor, gencol, generatecolour 1 Regular
hh hh 0 Regular
hyper hyper 0 Regular
inactives inactives 5 Regular
info info 1 Administrator
invite invite 6 Regular
jail jail, imprison 6 Administrator
licenses licenses 0 Simple
linksafety linksafety 6 Administrator
log log 5 Administrator
love love 0 Regular
lovers lovers 1 Regular
neko neko 1 Regular
nut nut 0 Simple
opt opt 0 Regular
pain pain 1 Regular
permissions permissions, p 1 Regular
petition petition 0 Regular
piglatin piglatin 0 Regular
ping ping 0 Simple
planned planned 0 Simple
plus plus 0 Regular
purge purge 5 Administrator
question question 0 Regular
random random 0 Regular
rember rember 1 Regular
reactionroles reactionroles 6 Regular
replace replace 0 Regular
rohtuwu rohtuwu 0 Simple
role role 6 Administrator
roll roll 0 Regular
roulette roulette 1 Regular
rps rockpaperscissors, roshambo, rps 0 Regular
scramble scramble 0 Regular
select select 5 Administrator
settings settings 6 Administrator
sexyman sexyman 1 Regular
spintext spintext 1 Regular
standardrules standardrules 5 Administrator
stress stress 1 Regular
string string 0 Regular
suggest suggest 0 Simple
tohruwu tohruwu 0 Simple
trauma trauma 1 Regular
truth truth 0 Regular
utcnow utc 0 Regular
vye vye 6 Administrator
wikigame wikigame, wikipediagame 0 Regular
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