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Default Permission Tier: 1

Aliases: codeformatting, cf

Formats a code file


-minify: If specified, will minify the code file. Otherwise, it will be prettified. -engine: Defines the engine to use to minify the file. Valid values are CSHARP. -filename: The name of the file. {[-(), -parenthesis],[-[], -brackets], [-{}, -braces], [-;, -semicolon]}: Defines whether or not to add spaces AFTER, BEFORE, or BOTH around parenthesis, brackets, braces, or semicolons. -code: Either the actual code (in which case it must be the last switch), or “file” denoting the code is in an attached file.


iab!cf -minify -engine engine -filename filename -() parenthesis -[] brackets -{} braces -; semicolon -code code

iab!cf -minify -engine csharp -code file (Attached file)

iab!cf -engine csharp -code class c{int x, y;}

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